Thursday, October 27, 2016

Project: Sugar free crème brûlée with lavender


Enjoy a dessert without sugar. What? Is that even possible and tasty? Yes! That's right. Well at least not involving with the 'bad' sugar because after all a dessert is sweet right. I have involved  a healthier sugar alternative and I have used for todays recipe called crème brûlée. With lavender just to make it extra special. Here I have replaced the tablesugar for coconut syrup and this stuff is devine I tell you!

I hope you try this recipe out. I think it's great for special dinner parties or what about the upcoming holidays!   

Geniet van een toetje zonder suiker. Wat? Is dat wel mogelijk en nog belangrijker, is het wel lekker? Ja hoor! Nouja dan wel zonder het gebruik van de 'slechte suiker' want een toetje is tenslotte altijd zoet toch? Ik heb namelijk de slechte suikers vervangen door gezondere alternatief en dat deed ik ook bij het recept van vandaag: crème brûlée! Met lavendel om het extra speciaal te maken. Ik heb namelijk kokosstroop gebruikt en dit spul is geweldig joh!

Probeer dit recept een keer uit. Bij een leuke etentje thuis of wat dacht je van de aankomende feestdagen!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
The ingredients
3 egg yolks
1¼ cup cream
3 tbsp. coconut syrup/regular sugar
1 cap vanille essence
1 tbsp. dried lavender
Stevia/coconut sugar/or just regular sugar for the topping
Alternative healthier sugars like coconut sugar and maple syrup for example are quite pricey in my opinion so when I saw that this coconut syrup was on sale, I was sold.
Here I have used stevia but honestly I don`t like stevia at all, bleh. It has a real weird plastic taste to it but -sigh- trying to use up this pot of stevia I have at home.
Honestly it does not create that crispy crack on top sadly since I have not used real sugar I suppose but it does give a hint of caramel flavor on top which is satisfying too am I right?
The steps
1. Preheat oven to 160°C, boil water in the kettle and get a deep baking tray ready.
2. Heat up cream + coconut syrup + vanille essence + lavender in a saucepan and heat up on medium-low fire. Do not let it boil up!
3. Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks in a big bowl until they turn into a pale light yellow color
4. When the cream is starting to simmer (you see small bubbles forming around the edge) you may now add the cream to the yolks by adding around a ¼ of the cream at a time and beat continually.
5. Run the creamy mixture through a sieve into a pouring jug and from there pour it in the ramekins.
6. Place the ramekins gently into the prepared baking tray. Pour the boiled water into the baking tray (careful not to spill into the crème brûlée). This is called `au bain marie` or simple a water bath. Bake for 30-35 min.
7. Remove the ramekins from the water bath and let it cool down first before placing it in the fridge which then you need 3 hours to cool in.
8. Sprinkle a good layer (not too much or to little) sugar on top and grill it with a torch or put them under a grill/broiler in the oven for 5 min. I have also reused the lavender from before and put them on top as well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Peek into my life 72


Yay this week is fall break for me! Even its just for a week, I am going to fully enjoy it. Probably I'll be busying myself with work anyway such as sketching, yarn projects and Christmas of course! I can't wait for Christmas.

But for now lets check out what I've been up to lately in my quirky life in The Netherlands and bits of Hong Kong too shall we.   

Joepie, herfstvakantie deze week voor mij! Ook al is het een week en is die week zo weer om, ik ga lekker genieten. Waarschijnlijk hou ik mezelf ook goed bezig met andere dingen zoals schetsen, haken en voorbereiding voor de Kerst natuurlijk!

Maar voor nu wil ik even terugblikken van mijn recente leventje in Nederland en Hong Kong.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Peeks from Hong Kong
It seems that every important city has a big ferris wheel like this one in Hong Kong called Observation Wheel.

The app game Pokemon Go was and is probably still popular in Hong Kong. And something tells me that these group of youngsters are fanatic Pokemon Go players.
One of the best cup sleeve I have seen in my life. Here at Main St. Café I had hot flavored blueberry cacao because I was curious. That`s right blueberry flavored cacao but I barely tasted any blueberries init, just the very slightest hint of blueberry and tart.
Main St. Café - Jordan - Hong Kong

The many hat days in Hong Kong.
Food Expo
Here I was with my niece at a Food Expo festival and I always wondered how a food festival in Hong Kong would look like. It is immensely crowded, lots of free food tasting and promotion and deals on merch so pretty much nothing a like of what I know in Holland. Except that the price on foods were quite pricy just like in Holland. More about this Food Expo soon!
Me and my nieces favorite: turnip cake with lots of XO sauce!
Hong Kong and their many amazing looking cake displays. Why does Holland not have these?
Giving my lungs some fresher air in Tai O town. More of this adventure in the future blog post!
OMG! I met Natalie from the blog! She`s lovely and it was our first time meeting up in real life and it was a quick meeting up too sadly. Basically we met up on the day of my departure from Hong Kong but luckily I got a very late night flight schedule so I squeezed my meet up with Natalie in the early morning in Tsim Sha Tsui.

We decided to get breakfast but we couldn`t find any descent cafés. Not even a McDonald`s which was odd! I felt pretty silly and wished I`ve done more research of finding breakfast spots in TST but thanks to Natalie we`ve found a hidden café somewhere and nowhere. Here we had: HK milk tea and toast and lots of talking of course!

I really liked our meeting up and I hope we can meet up again in the future Natalie, maybe in Holland or even better: in Australia!
Peeks from Holland
I`ve made a chocolate cake for my besties birthday.
Recently I have met up with Elisa from again in Rotterdam and it was a fun foodie day! We even watched Bridget Jones Baby too in the cinema which for the record was a good movie. More detailed of our fun foodie day at this blogpost:
» Link
How adooorable are these handmade bags! They are €149,- per each.
A feast for my papas birthday dinner!
For my work I`ve been assigned to teach and guide refugee children this year. Communication wise can be tough honestly. Lucky for me some of the refugee children who lived in The Netherlands for a couple of years helped me out with their classmates who doesn`t know Dutch at all, plus books like these are helpful too and it`s pretty interesting for myself too!
For my other creative part of working, I have been making, crocheting and selling crown hats and game inspired items for my (nerd) friends and customers.
Have you checked out my latest DIY `poison apple` project yet? Link:
And at last, have you checked out my new Instagram account? It`s a crafty creative one where I`ll be posting all my sketches and handmades! Find it here:
» @icepandora.creations